Do you have

what it takes?

At Rove Coffee, we take hiring very seriously. We want to make sure that every employee hired is a good fit with our culture, mission, and day-to-day interactions.
Here is what we are looking for:

- A happy morning person who can show up on time. Our first shift starts at 4AM, so if you aren’t a morning person, then this probably isn’t the best shop for you!

- Someone who is interested in learning about coffee, growing as a barista, and improving their skills daily. We at Rove are never content with our current status and we believe our new hires shouldn’t be either. Constant improvement is the game, can you play?

- A team player. This may sound cliché, but our tight knit group needs others who can pull their weight and go the extra mile.

- Someone who can remain calm in a fast-paced, busy environment. Our shop is in an airport and we get EXTREMELY busy, usually all at once. Our baristas need to able to handle the pressure of long lines and demanding people well.

Sound like you? Fill out our application below.

Before filling out the Pre-Interview Application & Questionnaire, please note that Rove Coffee does not hire for seasonal or temporary positions.